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a. The amount of heat absorbed by a system at constant volume, qv, is ΔE for the process. b. The amount of heat absorbed by a system at constant pressure, qp, is ΔH for the process. c. In the relationship ΔE = q w, as applied to a typical chemical reaction, w is usually much larger than q. d.

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etermine the number of grams of C₄H₁₀ that are required to completely react to produce 8.70mol of CO₂ according to the following combustion reaction: 2C₄H₁₀ (g) 13O₂ (g)→8CO₂ (g) 10H₂O (g) The correct answer is 126 g C₄H₁₀. 2. Determine the number of grams of HCl that can react with 0.750g of Al (OH)₃ according to ...

Eliciting and Analyzing Unstated Requirements

KJ tackles each of the challenges noted: it can be applied in a distributed fashion and over a longer period of time, and thus is more inclusive than co-located, timeboxed approaches would be. Our method also proves to be more scalable than current approaches for the same reason. KJ inherits KJ's focus on the unstated and unobvious, and ...

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